Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory

Identification and mitigation of risk in a timely manner are vital for an organization. We are here to assist.

Internal Audits

The scope of internal audit is no longer confined to the processes & controls around financial reporting. The scope has widened significantly which encompasses identification of enterprise-wide risks, leveraging teamwork and monitoring of new risks at an initial stage so that they can be mitigated. Along with the above focus areas internal audits also ensure overall improvement in the efficiency & processes of the organization.

Deoki Bijay & Co. provides a platform to its clients to achieve more from the business by providing top-notch internal audit services.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment is a process involving the identification and analysis of risks that affect the organization & have the potential to hinder the objectives of the organization. It involves a careful review of various activities & events which are likely to increase the vulnerability of the enterprise to various external & internal factors that prevent the organization from accomplishing its goals.

Here at Deoki Bijay & Co., we aim to analyze the surrounding environment of the enterprise which spells out the potential gaps in risk management and also provide preventive measures to fill those gaps. 

Management and Operational Audits

Our scope of management audit is much wider than financial audit as we evaluate not only the aspects of financial audit but also other various aspects of the business. We evaluate the total efficiency of the management from the top level to the lowest level. For Operational Audits, our audit approach targets internal controls and operational process analysis to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in the business processes/ practices. We identify the areas of weakness that breach or have the potential to breach the business policies and legal regulations. The product that we generate gives our client streamlined operations which helps them to achieve high ROIs.