Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance

Providing irrefutable assurance to our clients which can withstand any regulatory audit or scrutiny.

Statutory Audits

Around the globe, countries are involved in introducing complex regulatory requirements for better compliance and protection of investors. Laws have been broadened. The only way for companies to succeed is by swiftly implementing such regulatory requirements.

So, with that said due to such complexities, our clients require assistance on various financial and accounting matters. The clients expect irrefutable assurance which can withstand any regulatory audit or scrutiny. We have a proven performance history for providing our clients with the best services.

At Deoki Bijay & Co., a top-notch team of qualified auditors are designated to provide assistance to our clients and deliver a true & fair opinion on the financial statements. Our deliverable i.e., Audit Report is strictly prepared in accordance with the rules and regulations of Government.

Statutory Audits in Nepal are mainly conducted to report the state of the company’s finances and accounts to the various stakeholders.

The audit framework in Nepal involves:

  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) prevailing in Nepal including Accounting Standards issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) and International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • Income Tax Act, 2058 & tax regulations
  • Other applicable laws & regulations prevailing in Nepal

We have the competence to help you meet all the compliance’s in a timely manner, along with by providing a clear perspective to the audit committees, and transparent information to the stakeholders and investors.

NFRS/IFRS – Conversion

IFRS is currently, the most significant reform in the field of financial reporting standards at a global level.

Approximately 120 nations around the world have implemented IFRS for domestically listed companies, while over 90 countries have fully adhered to IFRS as notified by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

In Nepal, the accounting standards are developed by the Accounting Standards Board (ASB). ASB has now issued Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS) which is in line with IFRS.

They mainly comprise of the following:

  • Nepal Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Nepal Accounting Standards;
  • IFRIC Interpretations issued by IASB;
  • Application Guidance and SIC Interpretations issued by the IASB.

We have qualified and trained resources to assist in NFRS convergence, balancing both, the short term and the long-term objectives of the businesses.

Banking & Insurance Audits

The Financial industry is fiercely trying to keep up profitability and performance, and so the companies require a precise business approach to undertake the effects of regulatory changes, technology reforms and market shift.

We analyze the concerns and regulatory burden that our Financial Services clients face. Finding pragmatic solutions to these concerns involves sound knowledge of financial, technical and real-world experience to understand the vision and goals of our clients. We asses ourselves by evaluating how much value have we generated for our clients.

We have a team of experienced Financial Services professionals with a proven track record of finding solutions that lay down the foundation of progress for our clients. We pair competence with experience across the fields of audit, tax and advisory. This is pivotal to deliver the best results.

Also, our strong professional relationships with the regulators in the financial industry are an added advantage for our clients as it helps us in providing invaluable advice for various matters.

Development Sector Audits

With an experience of more than 33 years, our audit practice, based in Nepal, has developed deep experience in conducting the financial and management audit of INGO’s, NGO’s, development agencies (World Bank / ADB / UNDP / EU etc.)

We offer the following services:

  • Non-Governmental Organization Audits (NGO)
  • International Non-Governmental Organization Audits (INGO)
  • Not-for-Profit Entity Audits
  • Fund Based Audits
  • Other Specific Services

Forensic Audits

  • Bribery, Corruption & Fraud arethe major concerns of the organizations that needs to handle & manage tactfully. If an organization is assured that it is free from these risks, they can gain competitive edge over the other organizations.
  • We at Deoki Bijay & Co. assist the organizations to manage fraud risks and measure the financial impact from such risks. We conduct forensic audits & investigations, third party due diligence and other support services. Our objective is to ensure that these concerns are urgently addressed and resolved in order to ensure that integrity is well-maintained, and the risks are mitigated.

Stock Audits

Stock Audit is one of the areas of core competence in our firm. We are devoted to providing exceptional services to our clients. Stocks and fixed assets are integral assets of the organization and today most of the enterprises are operating cross-border through multiple locations and channel partners, making asset management extremely difficult. We provide various services in this field in order to ensure that the assets of our clients are managed efficiently.